Monday, February 7, 2011

A little about me.  I learned my culinary skills from my mother who is an excellent cook (although won't admit it) and of course my 6th grade home economics course.  Come on, you all remember learning to crack an egg or to make those no bake cookies.  What about the snickerdoodles!!  In all reality by the time that I got in the 6th grade I could handle things in the kitchen on my own.  Don't ask my mom about the whole cloves in the ginger cookies incident when I was 8 (and left alone in the kitchen!), I will deny it ever happened!.  Once I left for college I was calling my mother all the time asking for recipes or getting how to advice.  I loved cooking for my roommates.  Of course by now I should be an expert considering I am in my late 20s.  Ok, ok, so I am in my 30s, not an expert, and I admit I still call her occasionally for her opinion.  More recently though the sharing of recipes is mutual and maybe even a little lopsided.  She says that I am more adventurous than she is and I often find myself creating new dishes and then giving her the "dish" afterwards.   She is my culinary sounding board.
         Since my husband and I are now on a mission to lose weight after having joined Weight Watchers I have taken on creating new dishes with a different gusto.  I have always loved fresh healthy food. Fish, lean meats, fruit, veggies, you name it I love to cook it.   The fruit and vegetables aisle is the first place I gravitate to when I go to the store.  I love trying new produce and lucky me my husband loves vegetables too( as long as it isn't creamed corn or summer squash) and is always a willing participant to a new recipe. However...the problem that we have is portion control.  Oh, and cookies.  Those are a problem too!
      As we venture further into our weight-loss journey I have started modifying old recipes that we love and making them healthier.  I have also started creating new fresh ideas and with my wonderful husband and children(who will try anything) happily gobbling down new dishes, I started thinking maybe I needed to get a few down for all to see.  This blog thing is new to me and just like a copper pot it will take time to perfect but will get better with age.  


Sassofrass said...

I make a soup very similar to this ie kale, italian sausage.....but mine has beans instead of potatos. If you want the recipe to try and tell me what you think, I would gladly share it with you ;)

Sassofrass said...

Have you figured out the Points Plus values for your dishes? If so, that would be great as I am doing WW too!

The Copper Pot said...

Sassofrass- Yes, I have figured out the points and was just thinking today that I need to add that to each recipe. As far as the soup goes I have actually been thinking of trading out the potatoes with great northern or cannellini beans, so yes I would love your recipe. Thank you, K

The Copper Pot said... you have a blog address with your recipes so I can check them out and follow?